My First Date with A Sexy Delhi Escorts

Most men and women are crazy about their first date. As a simple guy working in Delhi, I was always crazy to have a girlfriend like most of my friends. But, I was not ready to bear the emotional pressure of having a girlfriend at the peak of my career. So, I decided to date a Delhi Escorts which became my first date experience. Although I hired an escort, my experience was not different from a normal guy. Let me reveal you my secrets of having met a sweet girl on my first date. Here is how everything happened.

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First Meeting with Delhi Call Girl in Garden of Five Senses

I called her to meet at the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi when I was on a business trip to the capital city. I reached before the time she has scheduled as it was my first craze. I paid the Delhi Escort in advance to make her happy as she was meeting me for the first time. I almost finished a glass of chilled wine at a nearby restaurant to put my mood on fire and also to relieve the strenuous exercise at the office. As soon as I finished the drink, my mood was quite tempted at the sight of a classy and fabulous girl. I started imagining the wild encounter with her. She called me and I could understand that it was she I have to make my first romance with. I nodded her and took her to the garden of Five Senses. Although there was plenty of space to do naughty things, I ended up taking her to a luxury hotel room as I was a little shy. The drink was making me insane. The Delhi Call Girl put off her fur coat although it was winter night. I wanted to see her topless, but she maintained the mystery of the first encounter. Perhaps she was also nervous as I could perceive from her face. I decided to make her comfortable by talking about her work, experiences, fantasies, and sharing my own dreams. Suddenly she slipped off her classy lace bra off her soft silken boobs. She gently stroked my hands over her heaving chest. I almost fainted with the excitement. My cock was hard enough to drill the Delhi Escorts right then. But, I resisted making enjoyment better.


My Final Game with Delhi Escort

I took my hand to her wavy, luscious, dark brown hair, and ran down her smooth skin slowly coming down to her bust. Our few murmurings coaxed her to fall in love. Beautiful Delhi Call Girl grabbed my cock to feel it and started caressing. She chuckled and continued rubbing my penis. “What do you want to do with it?” I asked her desperately. She giggled and held my cock in her mouth. We made our way to the bed and ended there. I came over the Delhi Escort Girl and yanked her skirt off her thighs. Finally, we made a whole night warm! I fucked her in different styles and left her pussy completely torn.


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